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Youth is the second Japanese studio album by BTS. This album was released on September 7, 2016. The album features 13 tracks, including the Japanese versions of different BTS's songs, as well as three original Japanese songs.


  1. Introduction: Youth
  2. Run (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Fire (Japanese Ver.)
  4. Dope (Japanese Ver.) (超ヤベー)
  5. Good Day
  6. Save Me (Japanese Ver.)
  7. Boyz with Fun (Japanese Ver.) (フンタン少年団)
  8. Silver Spoon (Japanese Ver.) (ペップセ)
  9. Wishing on a star
  10. Butterfly (Japanese Ver.)
  11. For You
  12. I Need U (Japanese Ver.)
  13. Epilogue: Young Forever (Japanese Ver.)


BTS (防弾少年団) 'FOR YOU' Official MV

BTS (防弾少年団) 'FOR YOU' Official MV

For You MV

BTS (防弾少年団) 'FOR YOU' Official MV (Dance Ver

BTS (防弾少年団) 'FOR YOU' Official MV (Dance Ver.)

For You MV (Dance Ver.)

I NEED U (Japanese Ver

I NEED U (Japanese Ver.) 防弾少年団 (Official MV)

I Need U (Japanese Ver.) MV

BTS (防弾少年団) 'RUN -Japanese Ver

BTS (防弾少年団) 'RUN -Japanese Ver.-' Official MV

Run (Japanese Ver.) MV


  • "Youth" album charts:
    • Peaked at #1 on Japan Oricon Daily Album Chart.
    • Peaked at #1 on Japan Oricon Weekly Album Chart.


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