TaeJin (Tae/hyung and Jin) is the friendship pairing between Jin and V. Taejin was the first ship of BTS.

Other Names

  • Jinhyung (Jin and Tae/hyung)
  • Taein (Tae/hyung and J/in)
  • Vjin ("V"' and "'Jin"')



  • Both love meat.
  • Both like bright weather.
  • Both are vocalists of BTS.
  • Both born in December.
  • Both 179 centimeters tall.
  • Both love ice-cream.
  • Both have "Kim" as their family name.
  • Both have brown eyes and brown hair.
  • Both of them love anime and watch them together. Occasionally they watch dramas too. They both refer to the anime "One Piece" and drama "Reply 1994" as programs they love.


  • Jin is born in 1992, however V is born in 1995.
  • V's role model is his dad, whilst Jin's role model is T.O.P from BIGBANG.
  • V has acted in a show, whilst Jin has not.


  • They are in the band BTS.
  • They both wrote a song called It’s Definitely You for a TV Show named Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which V acted in. Their OST got nominated in Melon Music Award 2017.
  • According to BTS festa profile written by BTS 2017, Taehyung to Jin is: the resident of his bed. Taehyung wants Jin to see him as : Dongsang (younger peer) number one.


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