*Not to be confused with Run, one of BTS' music videos.

Run BTS! (Hangul: 달려라 방탄!; RR: Dallyeola Bangtan!) is a South Korean show by the boy band BTS. The show is all about BTS doing activities, challenges and lots more. The first episode aired on August 1, 2015.


# Thumbnail Title Synopsis Air Date
Run BTS Ep 1
Open Interview video announcing the start of Run BTS. (Watch here) August 1, 2015
Run BTS Ep 2
The Best Man They choose the best man on BTS doing different missions. (Watch here) August 2, 2015
Run BTS Ep 3
Amusement Park The members riding games on a amusement park. (Watch here) August 18, 2015
Run BTS Ep 4
30 Seconds Gate The members have to clear the missions on 30 seconds, the member who fail have a penalty. (Watch here) September 15, 2015
Run BTS Ep 5
100 Seconds Sports Day The members on relay have to clear six missions in 100 seconds, all they have five chances if they fail have a penalty. (Watch here) September 29, 2015
Run BTS Ep 6
Skit: Confession 2 They improvise their own skit pretending they are in a confessional. (Watch here) October 13, 2015
Run BTS Ep 7
Survival The members divided as two teams to play paintball they have a limit of 30 minutes, if one member is shot have to return to your camp to rejoin, the team with less shots wins. (Watch here) November 17, 2015
Run BTS Ep 8
Treasure Hunt (Continuation of the previous episode) The members individually on quad bikes search ten flags which have meal tickets. (Watch here) December 15, 2015
Run BTS Ep 9
Bungee Jumping (Continuation of the previous episode) The two teams have to guess while are jumping on bungee a song title that the other team explains. (Watch here) December 22, 2015
Run BTS Ep 10
- (Continuation of the previous episode) One member did secret missions all Silmi-do Special and the members have to find who is. (Watch here) January 5, 2016
Run BTS Ep 11
Back to School The members have write their own script and act it, theme is a high school skit with seven different roles. (Watch here) January 31, 2017
Run BTS Ep 12
Cops The members have write their own script and act it, theme is a cops and robbers in a police station. (Watch here) February 28, 2017
Run BTS Ep 13
The Return of the Spy One member is chosen spy with the mission of make his team lose, they are divided on two teams and plays diferent games on aquatic park, winning team can pick two dishes in every round. If they found the spy, the spy can't eat but they don't find only the spy can eat. (Watch here) March 7, 2017
Run BTS Ep 14
The Return of the Spy (Continuation of the previous episode) Teams continue playing different games on aquatic park. (Watch here) March 14, 2017
Run BTS Ep 15
The Return of the Spy (Continuation of the previous episode) Members have to find the spy or or they will not eat. (Watch here) March 21, 2017
Run BTS Ep 16
Snow Park - Winter Olympic Games The members play different winter games with score cumulative and the top 3 members will receive medals. (Watch here) March 28, 2017
Run BTS Ep 17
Arcade Olympics The members be ranked after playing arcade games, member with last ranked have a penalty. (Watch here) April 11, 2017
Run BTS Ep 18
Arcade Olympics (Continuation of the previous episode) Members playing arcade games. (Watch here) April 18, 2017
Run BTS Ep 19
Strike The members play two games of bowling, the first game is beat Jungkook and the second game is a team match, the losers have a punishment. (Watch here) May 2, 2017
Run BTS Ep 20
Taste of Korea Jin test the dishes cooking in one hour by the two teams and choose a winner. (Watch here) May 23, 2017
Run BTS Ep 21
Board Game Competition Teams plays different board games, one member of the loser team have a punishment. (Watch here) May 30, 2017
Run BTS Ep 22
Hangawi Festival The members making songpyeon will decide the three teams, the teams play traditional games of chuseok and the loser team have a punishment. (Watch here) October 3, 2017
Run BTS Ep 23
Pet Friends The members will learn how communicate with dogs in several stages like quiz, partner matching, playing, obedience and agility. (Watch here) October 17, 2017
Run BTS Ep 24
BTS vs Zombies Divided into teams they will play three games zombie safari, secret mission and freeze tag to fight off zombies and get free passes to this amusement park. (Watch here) October 24, 2017
Run BTS Ep 25
Game King In two teams will play Crazy Arcade, Bubble Fighter and Kartrider, the losing team will be punished and the winning team will enjoy snacks. (Watch here) October 31, 2017
Run BTS Ep 26
Secret Agent Divided into three teams will go through two types of test, first need to pass the four missions stages with high scores and the second test is see driving ability. (Watch here) November 7, 2017
Run BTS Ep 27
Welcome to your first MT -1st Episode- Divided into three teams will clear missions on the board, if they win have a BBQ item but they can't win an item that someone else has won already. (Watch here) November 14, 2017
Run BTS Ep 28
Welcome to your first MT -2nd Episode- (Continuation of the previous episode) They sing karaoke trying to beat the best score. (Watch here) November 21, 2017
Run BTS Ep 29
Promise for their Billboard Hot 100 Hit: Being stylists to each other Members will use their own outfits to style others. (Watch here) November 28, 2017
Run BTS Ep 30
Variety Shows of Memories Episode 1 Divided into two teams and Suga as MC, they reproduce variety shows from early and middle of the 2000s. (Watch here) December 5, 2017
Run BTS Ep 31
Variety Shows of Memories Episode 2 (Continuation of the previous episode) They continue reproduce variety shows. (Watch here) December 12, 2017
Run BTS Ep 32
Please Take Care of Santa They have to find the ornaments with hidden numbers in 35 minutes, the member with most consecutives numbers wins. (Watch here) December 23, 2017
Run BTS Ep 33
BTS X Manito 1st Episode Before the game, they choose a Manito and a mission. If they succeed in the mission will get the gift of his Manito. In the first game they have to jump inside the photo zone expressing the keyword given. (Watch here) December 26, 2017
Run BTS Ep 34
BTS X Manito 2nd Episode (Continuation of the previous episode) The second game is find the differences in the pictures and the last game is a bingo with words, they have to act the word and the others members guess to have the point. (Watch here) January 2, 2018
Run BTS Ep 35
Kimchi Battle Divided into three teams they will make distinctive kimchi from different regions. (Watch here) January 9, 2018
Run BTS Ep 36
Kimchi Battle (Continuation of the previous episode) They have to do dish with the kimchi made the last time. (Watch here) January 16, 2018
Run BTS Ep 37
BTS Marble is back They play Halli Galli to decide the order of the players, then they have to buy "properties" in the board and win coins the two players with less coins have a punishment. (Watch here) January 23, 2018
Run BTS Ep 38
Spin BTS TBA. (Watch here) January 30, 2018
39 Golden Bell 1st Episode TBA. (Watch here) February 06, 2018
40 Lunar New Year Special - Only Good Things TBA. (Watch here) February 13, 2018
41 Golden Bell 2nd Episode TBA. (Watch here) February 20, 2018
Behind the Scenes

Also was released behind the scenes episodes, this episodes only can see it the person's subscribed to BTS Channel Plus.


  • An episode airs every Tuesday in the week, unless an episode of BTS Gayo airs.


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