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Jin (진) also known as Kim Seok Jin (김석진) is a South Korean singer. He is one of the vocalists and the visual in BTS. He is also known to be a model and the 'mom' of BTS.


Jin attended Konkuk University, where he studied art and acting in the Department of Film. He made his debut in 2013 in BTS. He is famous for being a great singer and very handsome. Aside from promoting with BTS, Jin became active at being a dancer and a singer. Jin is the youngest boy in his family. He has one older brother whose name is not revealed to the public.


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Unofficial songs

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  • Awake (Christmas Ver.) (2016)



  • 2016: Inkigayo (Episode 863) (Special host with Rap Monster)
  • 2016: Idol Chef King (Episode 1)
  • 2016: M! Countdown (Episode 497) (Special host with Jimin)
  • 2017: Law of the Jungle (Episodes 247-251)
  • 2017: Top 3 Chef King (Episode 68) (with J-Hope)
  • 2017: Hello Conselor (Episode 316) (with Jimin)


BTS Discography


  • He is the oldest member of the band BTS
  • His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius
  • He has an older brother
  • His hobbies are: Cooking, playing videogames on the Nintendo and taking selcas (selfies)
  • His favorite number is 4
  • His favorite foods are lobster, meat and Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles)
  • He wants to be called Jin Hime (Princess Jin) by Japanese fans
  • He speaks a bit of Chinese
  • Jin and Jimin always go to the Gym together
  • He loves healthy products
  • He likes doing aegyo
  • His favorite color is pink
  • The BTS members said if Jin was not human he would be: a Wolf (Jungkook and Suga), a Grandma (Jimin), and a princess (J-Hope)
  • His image before debut was the cute maknae who always listened to his parents
  • He wants to steal Jimin’s abs
  • His favorite weather is Spring sunlight
  • His role model is T.O.P of BIGBANG
  • He knows how to play the guitar


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