BTS Army Fanclub
Other names
Type Fandom
Founded July 9, 2013
Founder BTS
Location Worldwide
Key people

안녕하세요! (Hello!). Welcome to the page for ALL the members of A.R.M.Y! Add Your name onto the list IN ORDER!  Once you added your name, put the category A.R.M.Y! on your profile.


  1. K-PopFan12
  2. Jumosan
  3. Violetlover1234
  4. KuMiKo15
  5. Yumayo
  6. Designer TayTay
  7. Deltyanna
  8. BlueGhost19
  9. BangtanBoyTrash
  10. Awesomeanna123
  11. BTS.official

You can do anything on this page, feel free to add BTS memes or any other pictures BTS that you like below! 

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